Dislocated Workers

Dislocated Worker Program

As required by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Missouri Dislocated Worker Program, upon receiving notice of a plant closing or mass layoff, provides immediate assistance to the affected workers and business through the Rapid Response Program. To be eligible, you must be permanently laid off from your job due to a workforce reduction, business closures or farm failure, or displaced homemakers including military service members or military spouses.

The Rapid Response Program is designed to lessen the stress of the layoff and begin the process of obtaining new employment for the workers who are permanently losing their jobs.

The program consists of the following services:

  • Meetings are held with affected workers to inform them of the re-employment assistance that is available in their area. Staff provide names and locations of the organizations and agencies that provide these services.
  • Staff coordinate with local organizations and agencies that can assist workers in finding new employment and services, which may be needed, while they are becoming reemployed.
  • Staff advise the affected worker of educational assistance the workers are eligible to receive. When appropriate, staff provide reemployment services prior to actual layoff.

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