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If you are looking for work or simply need a change of pace, the Workforce Development Board of Western Missouri is here to help. Access the links below to get started. If you need additional assistance, contact us at 660.827.3722. Also, feel free to visit for more information. Locate a Missouri Career Center here.

Dislocated Workers

To be eligible for dislocated worker services, you must be permanently laid off from your job due to a workforce reduction, business closures or farm failure, displaced homemakers including military service members or military spouses. This link provides more information..

Adult Programs
To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age and meet income guidelines. The Adult program is designed to help individuals meet career goals. To support these efforts, services start with core programs and can extend to more intensive programs. This link provides more information..

Youth Programs
Services are designed to improve long-term job opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth. The Programs encourage school completion or enrollment in high school equivalency programs. These programs assist eligible youth, ages 14 through 21, to obtain employment through work experience and help them to improve their academic skills to successfully move from school to work. Goal setting is a primary focus in youth programs. This link provides more information.

Assistance is offered through the Disabled Veteran’s Outreach Program and the Local Veteran’s Employment Representative Program. Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program specialists provide case management and develop career and job training opportunities for veterans, with special emphasis on veterans with service-connected disabilities. Local Veterans Employment Representatives facilitate or provide assistance in job placement and accessing needed services. They also advocate for veterans by developing employment opportunities with businesses. This link provides more information.

Assistive Technologies
The following tools and equipment are available at Missouri Career Centers, free of charge:

  • TTY service and Ubiduo™ devices to assist the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Assistive technology to assist individuals with disabilities, including WindowEyes screen reader, ZoomText screen enlarger, CCTV, height adjustable table and other assistive technologies.

Unemployment Benefits
Filing and determination of eligibility for Unemployment Benefits is handled by our partners at the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Employment Security (DES). As a requirement of receiving Unemployment Benefits, you may be instructed to go to a Missouri Career Center for 4-week reporting. This link provides more information.

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