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Employer programs
These programs include on-the-job training, shared work program, rapid response and the federal funding program. This link provides more information.

Business Service Center
We provide a comfortable environment to hold meetings, train employees, perform interviews and use computers and fax machines away from your regular office.

Employee Search
Using allows employers to post job orders, search for candidates based upon skill sets, and contact candidates. This link provides more information.

Skills Assessment
Don’t want to waste alot of time finding the perfect match for a position? We have a reliable source to help you make that decision and it meets the fairness requirements of EEOC guidelines.

Employee Training
The Mobile Lab is a computer classroom on wheels which can provide computer training to your employees right at the workplace.

Tax Credits
The Work Opportunity Tax Credits are available to be claimed by any private for-profit business. This link provides more information.

We look forward to helping you with your workforce development needs. Contact WDB of Western MO at 660.827.3722.

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